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Soap Dodgers Soap Company's Soap Buyers Targeted

BBC News - Lush hackers cash in on stolen cards
Lush said anyone who placed an online order between 4 October and 20 January should contact their bank in case their card details had been compromised.
Hilary Jones, ethical director at Lush, said the firm became aware of problems on Christmas day when hackers were discovered to have penetrated the site.
The site was taken down and did little trade between Christmas and New Year while Lush investigated to see if the hackers were merely mischievous or out to make money.

Cosmetics firm Lush will “pay for its politics” by alienating thousands of customers with its decision to fund the Hunt Saboteurs’ Association (HSA) with proceeds from a “fox bubble bar” product. Countryside Alliance Head of Media, Tim Bonner said: “This is also a very strange commercial decision. Hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated their support for hunting and the rural way of life and many of them would previously have been Lush customers. On the other hand the number of people supporting an organisation like the HSA is tiny and, let’s be honest, hunt sabs are not the biggest consumers of soap. It is entirely up to Lush who they want to support but they will pay for their politics by alienating thousands of reasonable customers.”


What the chuff is an "ethical director"?

Does having one on the board mean the other directors are allowed to act unethically with impugnity?

Lush founder Mark Constantine also funds activist organisation Plane Stupid, which brought Stansted Airport to a halt in 2008. Which is rather ironic, since there are Lush outlets at several major airports around the world - Orlando, Toronto and Narita.

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