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Another Tory Attack On Private Property

Localism Bill: people to get legal right to buy "community assets"- Telegraph
Under the community rights scheme, people will have a legal right to confer “protected status” on any locally important community asset.
These include local shops, pubs, libraries and leisure centres which will be added to a “most wanted” list by the local council.
If a listed asset goes on the open market, its sale will be delayed while local people are given a chance to buy it during a "community countdown".

Richard Attenborough seeks compensation after he is forced to sell Scottish estate at knock-down price - Telegraph Scottish ministers intervened, citing legislation introduced in 2003 that gives communities first refusal on the land ...

After the Tories passed the Leasehold Reform Act of 1993 I realised that the rights of Private Property aren't safe in those spivs hands.

There are plenty of think tanks defending various freedoms and market mechanisms, and others nibbling or hacking away at the cornerstone of all prosperity, property rights, but no one seems to shout out on this fundamental right. The right to own private property is different to the right to engage in any type of economy. And without a certainty that what is mine is mine there is no civilisation.
It is a pity that thinkers such as Adam Smith took such facts as being self-evident and did not bother to mount a defence of them. A defence we now need because the insidious erosion of such rights is so much more dangerous than the failed attack on them from communism.


Yet more proof the so-called sovereignty of parliament needs to be controlled by a written constitution and Bill of Rights.

Communism is still with us. The Liebor Party are all Communists in disguise and the Fabian Society has as its avowed aim to bring about a Socialist State (Ie: Communist) by eroding freedoms and property ownership among others from within society. Just look at how many 'freedoms' have been lost to us in the last twenty years. We may no longer say anything or do anything which offends some nebulous and probably insignificant minority, we are restricted in what we may eat, how we may use or dispose of our property and as for self-defence ... Forget it. Communism is with us, it has only changed its guise and make-up.

I knew this Scottish croft thingy would turn out to be the thin end of a wedge.

So anyone who owns a village pub or shop should get out NOW before this outrageous proposal goes any further. And those who are thinking of investing in one, won't.

Nice work Mr. Dave.

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