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Backup Cables

Scotland to export more green energy to England - Scotsman.com News
More than £80m will be spent by National Grid Electricity Transmission and Scottish Power Transmission on increasing the amount of electricity that can flow between the high-voltage networks of England and Scotland, helping the export of renewable electricity from Scotland.

And probably more importantly allowing more lovely nuclear juice from France to flow via England for when the wind doesn't blow in the Highlands.


"... helping the export of renewable electricity from Scotland. "

More like helpng the import of dependable electricity to Scotland when the wind doesn't blow/blows too hard.

I had occasion to talk to a big wig in the Scottish Electricity industry at an event in the early noughties. I asked him if it was true that Scotland was heading for a shortage in the next twenty years. "Not at all," he said, with a twinkle in his eye, "we will have more than enough for our needs. We won't have much left over to sell to the English of course, but that is their problem..."

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