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More From The Warming Means Cooling School and Catlin, The Keystone Kops of Klimate, Return

Climate change means we will be skiing in Yorkshire rather than sunbathing under palm trees, experts warn - Telegraph

Dr Simon Boxall, of the National Oceanography Survey, said that while the planet as a whole will get much warmer, this country will see temperatures plunge as the ocean currents and weather patterns around the world change.
At the moment north west Europe, particularly Britain, is warmer than it should be because of the effect of the North Atlantic Drift bringing warm water from the Tropics.
This then warms sea breezes which keep temperatures mild on land.
But the process that causes this movement could be "switched off" by global warming if the Arctic heats up too much.
It will mean colder, harsher winters similar to last month will become the norm and summers will become cooler and wetter.
Dr Boxall said that the North Atlantic Drift could turn off now or in 50 years but when it stops it will be sudden – take about three years – and change our climate to one like north west Canada and Alaska.

Amazing what one cold month does to the climate predictions...

The scientists were speaking ahead of an expedition to the Arctic ice cap as part of efforts to establish how it is melting – which will help them predict if the ocean currents will change.
Explorers with the Catlin Arctic Survey expedition will venture out on to the ice to drill holes down into the ocean, measuring temperature, salinity and flow of the fresh water just below the sea ice.

Catlin are back draw up a chair and enjoy the show yet again.


Ironically if the "Atlantic Conveyor" does switch off or slow down much more - floods could be the least of our problems! Pratchett's Ice Giants could be a bigger threat!

Come to think of it the Warmistas are now trying to copper their bets and back both sides against the middle...

Is Dr Boxall seriously suggesting he knew all along that north west Europe would cool while the rest of the world warmed? No of course not. He realised there would be cooling when it... er... began to cool.

What, this old "Gulf Stream will switch off" nonsense?

Jeez, they must be desperate - they can't even come up with any new absurd scare stories.

Can we just treat these people as boring, please, and stop paying them any attention? Surely they'll go away in the end...

The Telegraph did over sensationalise what I said at a press briefing. First hand evidence (as in me going there and measuring it over the past 7 years) is that the floating Arctic ice cap is melting, amnd melting fast (lowest ice cover in recorded history each year from 2007-2010). One POSSIBLE effect is that the North Atlantic drift (not the Gulf Stream) will weaken and atmospheric pressure over the Arctic will increase (fact - and there have been pressure increases giving the January 2010 and December 2010 cold spells). These are not unique (winters in early 60's were cold) but if the ice continues to melt we will see more of them. The net effect could be cooling (not drastic cooling - a few degrees) with more precipitation (we call it snow in winter when the air temperature drops).

There are thus two possibilities - UK cooling by about 3-4 degrees or warming by about 3, depending on the fate of the ice cap. That is what we are undertaking research for. Ignoring climate change (which is real and already happening in small ways around the world) by all means, but it ain't going away - I only wish it was. Science has no desire to put up "absurd scare stories", but the media do have a habit of taking much of the work presented out of context and rarely ever insert words like "a possibility" and "subtle changes, not extreme". And we have known for years that parts of the world would cool while others warm - that's why we call it climate change rather than global warming.

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