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Celebrating 1911

Utah plan to adopt official gun condemned by anti-firearms groups - Telegraph

I think a word from a Texan reader would be appropriate:

Say what you like: but we know whom to honor. Also: of all 50 states, gun violence in Utah is among the lowest. Mostly because there are jillions of Mormons, and armed people in the state.
Smallest group in the world: the Utah Gun Violence Prevention Center. I didn't even know they had one. Bet their membership is in the dozens, maybe.
Trust the Telegraph pussies to feature the opinion of a splinter group.

Unlike my Afro-American friend in Texas I'm not allowed to own a 1911 but I do have a 90 year old A-5 Humpback bought in person from Mr Greener of WW Greener, which I think is historic enough.


"Bet their membership is in the dozens"

As high as that?

I have quite little arsenal accumulating in Utah, a marvelous place indeed.

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