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GWPF Repeats Feed In Tariff Error

Ross Clark: How To Warm Your Mansion With Other People's Money....if you have the capital, a £15,000 array of 21 panels will earn you just under £1,500 a year in payments, all subsidised by electricity customers who don't have the roof space or can't afford the outlay. Yes, that is a return of nearly 10 per cent - tax-free. What's more, that payment is guaranteed for 25 years and is index-linked to the retail price index.

"A return of nearly 10%" is the promise, but it is on a depreciating asset. At the end of the 25 years the panels will be worthless (probably). So from your 10% remember to deduct 4% for depreciation (roughly). You might also want to deduct a little for the output figures being "optimistic", your mileage may vary.
Bang on about the madness of the subsidies but do get your numbers right.


Do solar panels last 25 years?

Let's see. A panel's constituents degrade over time, reducing its output. Unless the surface is cleaned (very) frequently and carefully it becomes covered in micro-scratches from the effects of dust and wind, reducing its output.
By Jove Robert, I think you're on to something there.

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