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Wiltshire Council £600,000 Waste

Wiltshire Council hit with £600,000 carbon emissions tax bill (From The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald)
Wiltshire Council has been landed with a £600,000 environment tax bill after the county was left lagging behind in the race to reduce carbon emissions.
The hefty government tax, known as the Carbon Reduction Commitment, is based on the increasing levels of carbon the council, private businesses and the general public of Wiltshire are using.
In 2007 the county’s total carbon footprint was 4.76 million tonnes or around 12 per cent of the south west’s usage and one per cent of the UK.
If the county fails to reduce its carbon footprint over the coming year, Wiltshire Council will face even greater CRC contributions.
The £600,000 will be paid in June 2012...
Cllr Toby Sturgis, cabinet member for the environment, said: “We are entering a critical period for climate change and energy security at the national and local level. The need to build a secure, low carbon economy here in Wiltshire is vital.”
(And in the print edition he adds) "There are quite a large number of potential sites and planning applications coming forward for solar parks and I think, in the right place, they can provide a suitable solution."


Carbon doesn't contribute to global warming. How dumb are the Wiltshire people for electing politicians who do not know this simple fact?
Secondly this cretin of a councillor seems to think the world ends at Wiltshire's county boundary or does he have an 'interest' in solar parks?

The weasel-wording in this is telling.

It is not the Wiltshire Council that faces a hefty (and thoroughly pointless) tax bill.

It is the citizens and businesses of Wiltshire.

The purpose of this foolishness is to confer power and money on the people who are controlling it. If everyone simply bows to those powerful people then they will get away with this scam. My suggestion to communities and businesses and especially power generators is to run their business normally until they reach those limits set for them and then just shut down! Then instead of a few townspeople who know what is going being the only ones who are upset everyone will suddenly get the message. Lay off or fire people when your town or business reaches those limits and then people will pay attention. Shut down the electric company for 3 months a year and people will notice. The only way to fight this foolishness is for everyone to understand it and to stand up and fight it.

So, let me get this straight.

The local authority, which gets around 90% of its money from central government, has to pay a fine to ... central government.

What exactly is the point of this absurd merry-go-round? It's just to keep a whole load of drones in jobs, isn't it? And satisfy some EU regulation, no doubt.

The State is not your friend.

I'd be tempted to take the doucment out soak in diesel and burn onthe public square, stating clearly; "No. We won't pay. The local citizens do not give a tinker's damn"

DARE them.

Or in english:

I'd be tempted to take the document out, soak it in diesel, and burn it on the public square, stating clearly:

"No. We won't pay. The local citizens do not give a tinker's damn"

DARE them.

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