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In Defence of Factory Farming

The Free Society: What's wrong with factory farming?

Prejudice against factory farming needs addressing. Small-scale farming is inefficient and, despite popular belief, no better for animal welfare than larger units. We cannot continue to view the countryside, farmers or livestock in a sentimental way. Large-scale farms like the one still planned for Nocton in Lincolnshire are not as Zac Goldsmith has said “squalid” and “take farming to a new low”, rather they are the future of the industry. Without efficient, modern and profitable operations like the one planned for Nocton, farming in the UK faces becoming a lifestyle choice, a hobby, rather than being about feeding the planet.


You know both sides have a point, and both sides produce garbage articles.

That was pure garbage.

Comparing intensive UK farming to african herd management, oh just piss off you twat (not you, the article writer), such isnt even worth discussing.

And harking on about how the UK herd manager can't afford to expand his herd, without mentioning that UK herds are twice the size of other countries and twice as productive already.

But yes, My main issue is the one of cows spending their lives in sheds, which the article says I am prejadiced to think so.

And their evidence against this issue is....

**If keeping cows indoors affected their emotional state then it is also likely that milk yields would be affected. Factory farming would not have become the most productive and efficient way of producing milk. **

Distress causes a fall in milk yield, boredom does not. So I suppose the question is really about wether we care about their "happyness" or think "they are only bloody cows"

Saying all that I don't oppose the farm, I just wouldnt buy the milk.

Give me a break! Do you really believe that those who oppose "factory farming" have some altruistic purpose? Without exceptions these people are all about converting the world to vegetarianism and if they cannot do that with their prosletyzing then they will do it throught government fiat. I don't care what you or someone else eats and keep your hands and my government off of what I eat. If you want to eat free run chicken then do it! If I want to eat affordable chicken don't stick your nose into my business.

Whatever happened to the ambition to be more self-sufficient for food after the WWII blockades? Through the 1950s and 1960s we improved our agriculture yields towards that goal. Since entering the EUSSR we have had our agriculture legislated back to pre-war levels. We are now dependent on imports from all over the world, so I would have thought that any reversal of decline in local food production ought to be welcomed. Apparently not so, where do we go from there then? Continue to import? Population reduction? Food rationing? Starvation? For some these are hard choices, for me they are not, we must do whatever is necessary to ensure resource independence. If that independence requires farming practices that wrinkle the noses of the squeamish then so be it.

"no better for animal welfare than larger units"

Maybe you should visit an intensive egg production unit before pontificating like this.

Check out the beak removal business, the complete lack of daylight, the instant (and not very pleasant) death meted out to any production unit whose lay rate drops off at all - which means all of them after about three months. Very jolly, great welfare, I am sure they enjoy it hugely.

For the best effect, go during a fowl-pest outbreak - get to pick up some exploding hen carcases, always gets a laugh out of the townies, that does.

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