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Met Office and The Cabinet Office - The Answer

The Met Office winter forecast lie is finally nailed ォ Autonomous Mind

Ummm....I think I was the first to point out that

The Met Office And The Cabinet - Missing The Bloody Point

... Roger's story.

The Met Office told the Cabinet Office in October it would be a cold winter.

Either someone is telling a porky, or the forecast was so hedged about it was unclear what it forecast, or the forecast was suppressed.

This is slipping me dangerously into the conspiracy theories I normally have no truck with but until we know what the Cabinet Office was told (and FOI requests are already in) it is a working hypothesis.

With Ministers and SPADs packing their bags to fly to Cancun, with Treasury boffins polishing their sliderules to calculate more green taxes and promises of "the greenest government ever" to be fulfilled there certainly would the temptation to sweep the inconvenient chicken bones under the carpet.

And that is the real story here.

Read The Files.

I don't think anyone lied, I don't think there was a conspiracy, as I suspected it was a muddle with people reading into a useless forecast what they wanted to read. The Met Office can't claimed they were ignored and the Cabinet Office can't claim they were mislead.

But I wouldn't pay a brass farthing for that forecast, and maybe that is the lesson.


"But I wouldn't pay a brass farthing for that forecast, and maybe that is the lesson."

Excellent summary.

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