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In Whose Interest?

Helen Browning: A woman who won't be cowed in the war against titan farms - Profiles, People - The Independent

On one side of the argument are those who see the future in terms of US-style factory farms, enormous mechanised food production centres where tens of thousands of animals live under the same roof. The sales pitch is pretty basic: cheap food. For the organic lobby and farming traditionalists, such plans provoke horror.

It almost sounds as though smaller scale, less efficient farmers have a horror of the competition offering cheaper food and that is the reason they object.


Where are you on all this?

TE - I'm just weblogging things that interest me, I couldn't possibly say for professional reasons.

The price a farmer gets for beef and lamb, she explains, is now nearly the same whether it is organic or not.

I really find this hard to believe. I used to occassionally buy her beef direct occassionally, and it's far more expensive than supermarket beef.

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