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A Rising Tide

BBC News - UK set for high end climate costs, as floods spread

The UK is likely to feel bigger costs from climate change than most other EU countries, a report concludes.
Rising sea levels are likely to impact the nation harder than most, negating economic benefits from increased tourism and possibly farm yields.
The researchers took four different scenarios of warming into account, and saw the biggest impact on the British Isles at the high-temperature end - a rise of about 5C from now.
"The highest scenario, with a sea level rise of 88cm, brings dramatic changes in coastal impacts - the increase is more than proportional," Dr Ciscar told BBC News.


The deadly sea level rise on the White Cliffs of Dover illustrated in blood red....multo spumantem sanguine cerno..


Has anyone checked exactly how much of the British isles lies below the 1m contour? I haen't had a chance to do it yet, but I'm guessing it's not a lot.

The Thames is tidal right up to Teddington - the issue is the effect of storm and tidal surges etc ON TOP of an 88cm average sea level rise - significant probability of overtopping embankment along its length (especially up to the Thames barrier) and flooding areas of London behind them that are actually lower than the embankments (especially in Docklands and on the south bank). Things in the area likely to beflooded include Met main control room at Lambeth and main BT international Exchange(s). Thames Barrier itself will also need replacing with a higher barrier at some stage before it's planned end of life - at a huge cost. It's not how much of Englands coastline that is affected, its the infarstructure significance and economic impact of flooding the small bits that are, similar but lesser considerations for other coastal cities.

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