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In Which Monboit Argues For The Forest Sell Off

Give me William the Conqueror's big society over David Cameron's any day | George Monbiot | Comment is free | The Guardian

The public is not the same as the state.Nor is it simply the collective noun for atomised private citizens....The state is not us....I would support the shrinking of the state....the big society is all guff.
The creation of the public forest estate was as brutal as any other nationalisation.....the state ownership of forests is not a concept we should rush to defend.

I'm happy to welcome Moonbat to the side of reason on the forest sell off debate because This is the practice of modern documentary makers, who can gather huge amounts of material and then edit and assemble the material in a way that they can present a message, the message the producer wishes to convey. This is irrespective of what is actually said, and what interviewees actually intended.


Shame he can't extend these newfound principles of individualism and private property rights into the rest of his worldview. Would probably cause some sort of hemorrhage I expect...

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