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Taking the temperature

How to manipulate a garden's temperature - Telegraph

...in August Peter recorded 25C/77F in a hot spot, but only 18C/64F in a damp, shady spot - the sort of difference you might find between St Tropez and Southport.
The amount of rain received also varied hugely, with 50 per cent less on the leeward side than the windward side.
Dampness affects the temperature quite dramatically, because water removes heat from the surroundings as it evaporates.
Even the colour of the soil affects the speed at which it heats up, with darker soils absorbing more heat than lighter types.
The thermal inertia of water - it takes a long time to heat up and cool down - means it is still radiating warmth after the rest of the garden has cooled.

But luckily we know the world's temperature to the last tenth of a degree....


The rear of my mothers house faces due south the front due north. The temperature difference at 12 noon on a summers day is between 5 and 10 degrees. In winter we get long lasting frost on the front garden short lived frost in the back but it is the flowers that show the real difference. Geraniums planted at the same time front and rear. The rear south facing begin flowering a full three weeks before those in the north facing front.
The distance between these two opposites is 25 feet!

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