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218,592 reasons for open govenrment

Cash-strapped Suffolk Council bans petition calling for CEO Andrea Hill 」220k salary cut | Mail Online

A cash-strapped council which has one of Britain's highest-paid chief executives has banned a petition calling for her salary to be cut.
The e-petition calling for a reduction in the £218,592 salary of Suffolk County Council chief executive Andrea Hill was placed on the authority's website.
But council officials removed it from the site after just seven people had had a chance to sign it, ruling that the subject matter was 'inappropriate' as the council did not have the power to cut her salary.

Suffolk County Council Petitions
I wish to request a significant reduction in Andrea Hill's salary

Outrage as petition calling for council boss to take a pay cut is deleted - mirror.co.uk
The county council “de-activated” it 24 hours later...

(Note to hacks - it hasn't been deleted, just closed to new signatures, haven't any of you heard of a tool called Google?)

A riverside view Blog reports: Eric Whitfield, Suffolk County Council’s Monitoring Officer, said: “The council’s provision for receiving and dealing with e-petitions is included in its constitution and reflects the legislation and the national guidance for local authorities set out in the government’s model scheme. “Full council is not able to vote on the alteration of individual terms and conditions. “It was therefore my view, as the council’s monitoring officer, that this petition was inappropriate as it was calling for the council to take action which it is not lawfully able to take.”

So the council is so bloody useless they can't review job contracts and so banning the petition is the right thing to do. Bet your boss was pleased you came to that view - except the petition only had seven signatures and would have lingered in obscurity. Because you banned it, it is now in all the papers and Suffolk Council and Andrea's £218,592 are being reviled everywhere...


Yep, we've even heard of her and her troughing ways here in New Zealand now, thanks to that action.

Whoever did that should be give whatever they cut out of her pay. Well done, that man.

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