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Oh Goody A Natural Disaster Is What We Need

Will cyclone Yasi push Australia into action on climate? | Damian Carrington | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Professor Vicky Pope told me recently, a warmer world is a wetter world as more water evaporates from the oceans, although the extra rain is unlikely to fall evenly across the globe. "Also in general, as more energy and moisture is put into the atmosphere [by warming], the likelihood of storms, hurricanes and tornadoes increases," said Pope, head of climate change advice at the UK Met Office.
Immediate attention should be upon those in danger from Yasi. But a big question in the aftermath will be whether the battering Australia has taken from extreme weather, on top of its recent long drought, will shift the country's stubborn streak of sceptical opinion on climate change. Climate sceptics, as elsewhere, are firmly in the minority, but their viewpoint appears to have become more popular in recent years.
Following the recent general election - seen by some as the world's first climate change election - cyclone Yasi could be a tipping point for opinion, suggest observers.

Of course he insists he isn't href="http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/damian-carrington-blog/2011/feb/02/cyclone-yasi-australia-climate?commentpage=1#comment-9403428">saying this extreme event is linked to climate change, he is just hoping that ignorance and fear will play into the warmist camp.


In the 70's when all the "experts" thought we were having a global cooling they said it would cause more rain and even warmer summers. How convenient that no matter what the weather does it will prove the latest theory.

People who really know about hurricanes and the like, have spent years crying in the wilderness, that the global warming models DO NOT predict increasing numbers or intensities of storms.

They have said it over and over and over, but nobody is listening.

Then some prat like this comes along and repeats the fallacy yet again, and suddenly it's headline news?

Day is night, white is black, freedom is slavery.

Climate models predict that climate will change in the direction that brings in most funding, although the funding climate could change too, in which case climate models will be retuned towards the latest trends in climate funding and this trend will continue until the next change in the funding climate.

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