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Tonight I Have Mainly Been Eating Ham Cooked in Ginger Beer

I have previously confessed; An Englishman's Castle: Nigella's urges have made me into white trash but when a man is tired of Nigella what does he do to ginger up his life?


Cook the ham in Ginger Beer instead.
Full fat ginger beer with sugars, not sweeteners.
If needed it can be diluted to ensure it covers a ham in a pan.
Boil for the requisite time.
When cooked take out and let cool for ten minutes or so, glaze fat with simple mix, golden syrup with mixed spice or mustard/honey/cloves and bake for twenty minutes to get it golden.
Lovely hot and great cold, just a touch of ginger in the meat, and the fat absorbs all the flavours to tingle your tongue.


Eating gingernuts, even as I write. Anything ginger is OK.

when a man is tired of Nigella...

Can a man ever tire of Nigella? I didn't think it possible.

Then again, I must admit that, since I discovered Rachel Allen, I have started to have some saucy, three-in-a-kitchen fantasies. Oooooh the things I would do with Rachel, Nigella, and a tub of ginger and honey ice cream.

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