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Her Majesty's Royal Wusses

Spirit of Adventure: Behind the rise of the Somali pirates - Telegraph

A Malaysian Navy patrol ship opened fire on pirates that had boarded the MV Bunga Laurei off the Comoros. Commandos fired more than 600 rounds before the pirates surrendered.
Perhaps Kenya's navy has the answer. Its patrol craft covertly operate a shoot-to-kill, take-no-prisoners policy. The Tanzanians almost certainly do the same. The safest ships of all are flying the Russian flag: armed guards aboard them simply blow pirate boats out of the water and leave any survivors to drown. Attacks on Russian vessels have abruptly ceased.
Our own Royal Navy has shown its muscle only once: in November 2008, a frigate returned fire on pirates who had fired at it, and two of the attackers were killed. But a Ministry of Defence directive since has forbidden RN captains to confront or arrest pirates "for fear of breaching their human rights".

Ye gods, how low have we sunk. A bit more rum and the lash I think needed on board.

Hat tip to a reader for sending that to me.


"Ye gods, how low have we sunk. A bit more rum and the lash I think needed on board."

Not on board, but in Whitehall? Given their head, methinks the RN would have had this problem solved yonks ago?

I think I see the problem and it's not the pirates. The RN needs to sail up the Thames and emulate the actions of their Malayan/S Korea (yep, S Korea commandos rescued a bunch of their sailors a couple of days ago)/Kenyan colleagues on the inhabitants of Whitehall.

Well, how about this, from the same organ:

British special forces veterans are in particular demand as ship guards because owners believe the Royal Navy will intervene to rescue them – and free their vessels – in the event of a hijacking.

The revelation will increase concerns that the Royal Navy is being forced to act as an international police force because other navies are failing to pull their weight off the Horn of Africa.


Someone in Whitehall apparently thinks the RN is leading the charge!

But to conclude my rantings, this is the passage in the original report that I find the most disturbing:

They are known to be supported by Somalis living in Europe, including Britain, and in Canada, which has the world's largest émigré Somali population.

Reports of their attacks, published in those countries' newspapers, are sent to the pirates via email, along with advice and information, which might include ships' movements taken from the logs of ship brokers with the connivance of port agents.

Then again, if we know the pirates have an intelligence and support network in the West, we have another point of weakness to attack.

The next time some scrote in Puntland in robs a ship and takes hostages we simply identify his uncles, aunties, brothers, cousins and every other snot nosed relative living it high in the free west, haul them from the streets of Walmington on Sea and pack the buggers back to the Mog toute suite and sans any assets, money, clothes whatever they may have left behind.

The sad thing is that 100, nay even pre WWI, this would have been a non issue. (Maybe even pre WWII)

The Royal Marines/US Marines/Infanterie de Marine would have, in cooperation with their respective fleets flattened the pirate nests, and killed the pirates. A short 3 week campaign.

Probably would have taken over the country and restored some order, prosperity and better government too.

(Enforced by a battalion of Infantry and some colonial levees.)

Oh Tempora oh Mores.

Maybe we can convince the Chinese to do it, since we have had are balls cut off.

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