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Labour Peer's Jungle Drums

House of Commons - Treasury - Minutes of Evidence
Chairman (Mr John McFall): On that close engagement, if we refer to the Governor's appearance before the Committee two weeks ago today, Wednesday 24 June, I said to him: "If we believe the jungle drums, Governor, the White Paper could be out next week, but you have been consulted on that, have you not?"

John McFall is now Baron McFall of Alcluith and aged 66.
Is he a racist in need of diversity training for using the phrase "Jungle Drums" without apology, or does such vilification only happen to nice old ladies who give their time and expertise to The Big Society? Though if she has any sense she won't bother to again.


Superb spot Sir!

While no doubt "Parliamentary Privilege" will be claimed, is there any difference? NO!

Ms Carr should now be sent the bill for the enquiry, if there is anyone 'racist' in this it is her and the council. This encapsulates why I despair for the future of Britain.

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