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Bear Model Reveals All

Polar bear families shrinking with the ice through lack of food | The Times
The latest study, published today in the journal Nature Communications, predicts that up to 73 per cent of pregnant females will lose their offspring if the spring sea ice break-up occurs a month earlier than during the 1990s and up to 100 per cent if it occurs two months earlier.
"€œIf climate change continues unabated the viability of the species across much of the Arctic will be in question,"€ said Péter Molnár, a biologist at the University of Alberta in Canada, and lead author of the paper.

Predicting climate change impacts on polar bear litter size : Nature Communications : Nature Publishing Group
We used multinomial logistic regression models30 on data from 28 pregnant females with known litter sizes to test whether litter size at den emergence can be predicted from maternal age (A), storage energy29 at den entry (E), energy density29 at den entry (E/LBM), or certain combinations of these variables (see Table 1 and Methods for details). The model with only energy density was an excellent predictor of litter size at den emergence (likelihood ratio test, P=0.0004), and the regression probabilities of having one, two or three cubs (Fig. 1) are

28 mummy bears and a computer model, add a couple of scenarios and press the panic button.


Perhaps he could tell us what they did during the period when there were dairy farms in Greenland and wine was grown in Scotland?

Or perhaps he thinks Polar Bears have evolved since then.

So they built a model based on a sample of just 28 bears from one locality over a period of one or maybe two seasons.

Using that sort of rigourous scientific methodology based on observations from one or two movies of the adult educational genre I'm sure I could devise a wonderfully complicated equation that "proved" 100% of American women were blonde, had fake boobs and loved taking it up the bottom.

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