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Dave The Eurosceptic?

All smiles as a federal Europe creeps closer | The Times
Anatole Kaletsky
As far as is known, David Cameron showed no discomfort at last Friday’s EU summit when he was presented with the Franco-German plan to create a federal Europe.
Considering Mr Cameron’s Eurosceptic background, the absence of any opposition might have come as a surprise. Why is the British Government apparently so relaxed about this enormous step in the EU’s journey towards full federal statehood, a proposal that would have caused paroxysms for Margaret Thatcher or even John Major?

Answer on a postcard to those Eurosceptics who voted for Dave please.


Kaletsky is a Bilderberger and CFR shill - end of story.

"Considering Mr Cameron’s Eurosceptic background..."

Mr. Cameron's WHAT?

Why would anybody say anything quite so self-evidently absurd?

What Andrew Duffin says.

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