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As You Drive On The M4 Past Reading Consider This

Wind turbine costs more than it saves - Telegraph
The 280ft turbine situated in a business park near the M4 in Reading operated at just 15 per cent of its capacity year, meaning it generated £100,000 of energy, despite attracting subsidies of £130,000 from the Government.
Since 2005, when it began producing energy, the turbine has been subsidised with £600,000 of public money but has run at an average of 17 per cent of its capacity.


If you take into account its lifetime energy cost - that is including the mining, making of the raw materials, manufacturing, installing, maintenance, etc. It will have - by the time it reaches its expected lifespan - used up more energy that it will have generated by then due to it only performing at 15% of predicted output. One suspects the predictions were influenced by the amount of taxpayer subsidy on offer.

There are ethical scientists and engineers still about, but they are fewer in proportion than when I first entered science decades ago. It is very disheartening. Wave enough money about and you can easily find, these days, an 'expert' to produce the prediction you want, as opposed to an accurate one.

Well, so far it has cost less than the "Angel of the North", which produces no energy at all. Perhaps a retrofit of the latter is called for...

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