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Prohibition News

Ban on miaow miaow may have done harm rather than good, report suggests - Telegraph

The ban on designer party drug miaow miaow has failed to reduce its availability and may even have driven some users to harder drugs, according to a new report.

The only surprise is that it is reported.


Such bans, though "well intentioned", do tend to create some very interesting issues. They rarely, if ever, succeed in controlling anything in the black market. They do lead to the movement from a controlled arena to the black market and underworld. The 'big' problem in one venue is often replaced with other "BIG" problems in the new venue(s). What to do? Maybe they should be treated like cigerettes, etc., and the manufacturers licenced and sued in court for damages. And, just maybe, we should stop trying to save every idiot from their own stupidity. We're all going to meet the Grim Reaper one day.

And now, we have the thing of scientists in places like China developing drugs that are versions of say, MDMA, yet skirt the law on it. So, rather than clubbers getting wasted on drugs that doctors actually know about, they're taking drugs that have had zero research done into them.

Well done, everyone...

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