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The Chris and Connie Show - Adult Advisory

Connie Hedegaard insists tougher carbon targets will boost European economy | Environment | guardian.co.uk
Europe's climate chief insisted on Monday that tougher greenhouse gas targets would improve the EU's economic performance, rather than push businesses overseas, as companies and green campaigners tussled over whether current emissions goals were too weak.

So if you hobble the horse it is more likely to win the race, in which case those two lumps of dogmeat at the Newbury race must be the bloody winners according to these two twats.

Connie Hedegaard in May 2008, told Denmark, “Sustainable economic growth is an attainable objective. The Nordic Region has made great progress with solutions based on environmental technology, and some day it will be possible to stockpile energy generated from renewable sources such as windmills, and to run vehicles purely on excess energy.”

Chris Huhne, who has been a prime mover behind the plan for higher targets, reacted angrily, telling the Guardian: "The short-termist view of sticking to 20% doesn't cut the mustard. Moving to 30% would give our businesses a head-start in new green industries and get us off the oil hook quicker, insulating us from oil price spikes."


Interesting Huhne is open about it being about peak oil rather than the CO2 nonsense.

"some day it will be possible to stockpile energy"

Maybe, but certainly not now and probably not for decades.

2008 - congratulate Denmark [and "region"] for windmills/olar/etc.
2010 - Denmark and Spai cut wind power targets and subsidies.
2011 - Holland cuts wind subsidy in half, doubles the permitted life of its nuclear plabt, thinks seriously of building another nuclear plant. Oh, and the UK cuts tidal power scheme...


John A, you missed out :-
2010 - Spanish solar power generated at night. Fraud suspected. Diesel generator blamed.

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