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History of Flooding

Floods caused by climate change - Telegraph By Louise Gray.
Devastating floods which wreaked havoc across Britain in 2000 were made more likely by global warming, according to the first study to link flooding in this country to climate change.
Using a detailed computer climate model, developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre, the project team simulated the weather in Autumn 2000, both as it was, and as it might have been had there been no greenhouse gas emissions since the beginning of the 20th Century.
This was then repeated thousands of times using a global volunteer network of personal computers participating in the climateprediction.net project.

SO8454 : Flood levels, Worcester by Philip Halling
Flood levels, Worcester

Beside the entrance to the Watergate to College Green by Worcester Cathedral some of the flood levels have been marked on the wall. The July 2007 flood level has recently been added (top right) this puts the flood in context with other high floods of the past, the highest in living memory was the flood of March 1947, the mark for this flood on the extreme left and is around one foot higher than the 2007 flood. The larger plaque at the top marks the highest known flood of 1770.

  © Copyright Philip Halling and
licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence.

This is an update to a 2007 post here where the 2000 flood level can be seen.


I followed up the link to the DT article and, guess what?, no source for the info., no way for those interested to follow it up. Another press release without anything other than broad arm-waving comments about a computer model ...

Also in the DT there was this story:


Beware. Don't protect you shed windows by putting wire mesh - you could be sued by any burglar hurt by it! Insanity!! They should be grateful that we are protecting them from injury on the broken glass! (sarc off)

"...a detailed computer climate model, developed at the Met Office Hadley Centre..."

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha


Nice one in the Northern Times about pro-wind power station group.


I grew up going to school in Worcester. Pitchcroft race course, which is right next to the river, floods almost every spring as do much of the farmlands around the area. If you think those flood level markers are instructive you should see the ones around Upton on Severn.

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