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Celebrations in Belgium

249 days without a government, but Belgium is happy to celebrate record - Scotsman.com News

What would be a humiliation for many turned into a party for Belgium yesterday as the country's citizens marked 249 days without a government, a figure that they are treating as a world record in political prevarication.
On every other day, the crisis pits the leaders of six million Dutch-speakers against those of four and a half million French speakers, but people from across the country put aside their differences to celebrate the occasion.
In Dutch-speaking Ghent, some people stripped down to their underwear in protest at the situation. In Leuven, a long line of students snaked through the central square for a free portion of frites, Belgium's beloved national dish.
Acting prime minister Yves Leterme cautioned not to make too much of the day. "Don't overestimate the impact on politicians and decision-makers."

Free chips, naked protestors and grumpy politicians concerned that politicians are being inconvenienced in making up policy - what's not to like?


I love the idea that politicians are being made unhappy, but I am a little concerned that nobody really seems to understand tyhis situation, not even the Sprouts.

Belgium does have a government; it's just not being supervised. The civil servants are still out there enforcing stupid rules and stealing taxes from the poor to give to the rich and the idle. The only difference is there is no oversight or scrutiny fof all this official intrusion into innocent people's lives by their elected representatives - those bastards all sitting outside cafes round Grand Place arguing who gets to sit in the swivel chair at cabinet meetings.

"What would be a humiliation for many"

Many who, exactly?

Many politicians and their various clients, perhaps, but who cares about them?

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