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Pirate Update

Private fleet to fight pirates | The Times

The story rumbles on - it's not worth paying the subscription for - just Google "Convoy Escort Programme" which Jardine Lloyd Thompson (JLT) have been putting together for months. Dobson Fleet Management won the contract to run it sometime ago, so there is no new news.
Pity we don't have a bloody Navy any more that is capable of taking anything more than a tiny boat....

AFP: Royal Navy frees Yemeni fishermen from pirates The Royal Navy has freed five Yemeni fishermen held hostage for three months on their boat, but also had to release the Somali pirates who seized their dhow, officials in London said. The crew of British warship HMS Cornwall discovered the fishermen after carrying out a search of their dhow last Thursday in international waters, the Ministry of Defence said. The fishermen were released and have travelled back to Yemen on their boat, said a ministry statement on Wednesday. The navy also found 17 pirates and an arsenal of weapons on board the dhow which was being used as a "mother ship" to launch attacks. But the Royal Navy were forced to take the captors back to Somalia as it was felt there was not enough evidence to charge them, a ministry spokesman added.

A related thought has been bothering me for a while.
As we know the Chinese are doing huge and increasing amounts of trade with East Africa, but we hardly ever hear of any problems they have with pirates and their vessels, I wonder why that is.


"not enough evidence to charge them"


You don't charge pirates - you just shoot them.

Until this is understood (or re-understood - the Royal Navy used to deal with these things quite effectively), the problem will get worse.

What does anyone think those men who were released will do next? Any guesses?

Not quite China, but close....here in Kenya the pirates are in the news every other day.... (from 3 weeks ago)
The somali pirates are now saying they wont negotiate with the Koreans...just kill them in future....I doubt very much whether they would get that far if the vessel was Chinese and run by Chinese,..rumour is they shoot first.....

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