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As I Oil The Coil Of The Hempen

Chris Patten - is there a more obnoxious person infesting our body politic? Glenys Kinnock and Baroness Ashton might come close if it was put to a vote? But votes and democracy are alien to these three and their ilk, so I'm declaring Fatty the winner by fiat; unless you have a better idea.


Your right. What a tosser. He and his ilk have sold us all for a purse of little money. Regards, Nigel.

Can I vote for Vince Cable? I mean, you're right about Fatty Pang, obviously, but 'Vince' has been more annoying lately. And stupid.

"is there a more obnoxious person infesting our body politic?"

"Ken" Clarke?

Fatty Pang sold us out on Honkers and for that I will never forgive him. But there are plenty of sewer trout swimming around in the mire. Keith Vaz has always looked like he could do with a right slap. There's the Milipedes. Roy Jenkins: now there's an arse you could kick all day. Simon 'hypocrite' Hughes. Mad Hatty Harman. Chris Huhne. Francis Pym always royally got on my tits. It would probably be quicker to just run through Who's Who and list the ones that shouldn't be slapped around the face with a wet haddock.

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