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Libya - The EU Acts

LIBYA: European Union suspends trade agreement | Los Angeles Times
"I deplore the loss of life and I condemn all acts of violence,” Ashton told journalists in Cairo. “I call on everyone to exercise restraint," Ashton said.
"We will be suspending the framework agreement, which we are in the process of negotiating," she added.

As far as I can gather that is the entire response the slug has come up with so far. To stop talking to other slugs in comfy rooms in some agreeable location. Though I did catch her talking about the importance of democracy, which was a bit like Katie Price lecturing us on the importance of taste, decency and sexual restraint.


“I call on everyone to exercise restraint,"

Translation: If only those people would stop demanding their God-given rights by demonstrating in the street, they wouldn't keep getting shot.

Dear Lord! This woman is British and represents the people of the eu. I can see why the powers that be wouldn't want one of their number uttering support for the popular overthrowing of unelected regimes but surely someone amongst all of those millions could do us all a favour and get rid of the vapid cow.

Hate to say it, but by gosh or by golly, the West seems to be quietly settling into what is probably the best course of action on the North Africa and the Middle East anyway: sit back with a big bowl of popcorn and watch the show, letting the chips fall as they may.

In North African and Middle Eastern eyes, it will all be "damned if we do, damned if we don't" for us anyway.

I'd rather have Khadaffi in Lybia than Al Qaeda (which is the group that'd take over the country if Khadaffi were to let down his guard).

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