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Pirates - Send In The Tarts.

Four American hostages shot dead in Somali pirate standoff - Scotsman.com News

Two pirates were killed - one knifed by a member of the US special forces and another shot - when rescuers boarded the yacht. Thirteen pirates were also captured.
"It's a black day for us and also the Americans, but they lost bigger than us," a pirate using the name Bile Hussein said yesterday.
"If they still want a solution and safety for their citizens in the oceans, let them release our men they arrested."

All parties might care to remember the Battle of Derna where the US Marines cleared out a pirate menace on the shores of Africa.

Pirates - who currently hold 30 ships and more than 660 hostages - typically win a multi-million dollar ransom for releasing their captives. The money is often spent on alcohol, drugs and prostitutes.
Western officials have long worried that money from piracy is making its way into the hands of extremists to fund violence in Somalia

Or we could just send them more prostitutes to spend their money on rather than waste it on extremism. We certainly have more of them spare than we have fighting men.


The solution is simple:

1. Actively seek and sink all pirate vessels and their crews.

2. Bombard their home ports.

3. Repeat as necessary until the risk to any potential pirates outweighs the returns.

This is what the Royal Navy used to do (and the nascent US Navy once did with considerable flair against the Barbary Coast).

If our navies cannot act decisively to protect the shipping lanes, they are a waste of taxpayers' money.

Alas, it would seem that only the Russian Navy has such gumption now!

I'd go a bit further:

1) demand immediate release of all captives and cessation of pirate activity within 24 hours

2) if acquiescence to (1) is not forthcoming, send III MEF from Japan to launch a combined-arms amphibious invasion of the pirate towns. Promptly kill all males of military age (and any other who are armed) and rescue as many hostages as possible. Withdraw and blockade all maritime movement until...

3) sail an Ohio class submarine to 200 nm off the coast of Somalia and deploy sufficient W88 warheads (475 kT) on a depressed trajectory to destroy all human life and habitation within 50 km of the littoral

The effects on other Islamic jackanapes in other parts of the world would be most salutary.

The Russian answer is the simplest and most effective.


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