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Local Hero

Car clamp nightmare (From Salisbury Journal)

A YOUNG carer from Salisbury took a stand against a wheel clamper in an ordeal lasting 30 hours.

Jessica Davey, 22, barricaded herself in her car outside her home at Wesley Court, Harnham, after her vehicle was clamped in the early hours of Monday morning – despite displaying a valid parking permit.

She was worried her Renault Clio would be towed away and she wouldn'€™t be able to afford to get it back.

For much of the time she was sitting in her car, Miss Davey, who works at Winterbourne Care Home, in London Road, was being watched by clamper Anthony Brindley who was demanding £110 to take the clamp off.

Wear the buggers down.


The most shocking thing is the lack of help from the police - you can be sure that if it was another policeman's car then they would find an excuse to intervene. Pity that we cannot vote out Chief Constables yet, perhaps the police committee can reduce his salary.

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