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It's not the heart attack but the tarmac that will kill you

Debunking the myth that cycling causes heart attacks | Matthew Sparkes | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain Quarterly Provisional Estimates Q3 2010
Pedestrian, motorcycle and car user casualties reported to the police showed overall reductions of 3, 8 and 4 per cent respectively compared with the year ending September 2009. The number of pedestrian and motorcycle users reported killed or seriously injured both fell by 8 per cent whilst car user KSI casualties fell by 11 per cent. However, the total number of reported pedal cycle casualties rose by 3 per cent, and the number killed or seriously injured rose by 2 per cent.

The latest figures(P) are for Q3 of 2010:
6,160 pedestrians get killed or injured (severely or slightly), 5,620 motorcyclists and 5,440 pedal cyclists.
On the basis that most pushbikers I know shrug off the normal scrapes and bruises of everyday falls then that is an underestimate. (Pedestrians if they get hurt, get hurt and it gets reported, ditto motorcyclists).
It's not the heart attacks that are the problem for the bloody cyclists, it is living long enough to get into the risk age group.


Good stuff - I'm going to keep riding, no matter what [until I drop dead of a heart attack, that is].

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