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Climate Induced Mass Migration

The Big Question: How many Britons live abroad, and why do they leave home? - This Britain, UK - The Independent

..estimate that there are 5.5 million expat Britons, rising to almost 6 million if that figure is expanded to include those who live or work abroad for part of the year...Spain is the second most popular destination, with 761,000 expats, rising to 990,000 when second home-owners and other part-time residents are taken into account...
one in four had gone for a better lifestyle and climate.

And in the USA it is even worse with millions heading to Florida and Arizona to warm their old bones.


I suppose that makes me one of the 12 percent then? Not coming back either.

Then there are us repats. Why, I sometimes ask myself.

During our first sojourn overseas (nearly 12 years), MrsBud continuously referred to Blighty as home. Eventually she insisted we went home. We stuck it out for six years but when a call came out of the blue asking if I'd like to work in Queensland, there was no opposition. We now look upon the UK as somewhere to visit to see family and drink proper beer (well that's only me) and have no desire to ever return there to live.

Why did I emigrate? Because I read blogs like this one and regard the thought of having to live there in much the same frame of mind as a Cossack must have regarded his return to Stalin's tender ministrations after WW2.

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