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Fuming Mad

Roadblocks set up to catch drivers smoking - Telegraph
Police roadblocks are being set up to catch drivers who are breaking the law – by smoking at the wheel of their company vehicle.
Chris Kitchen, acting head of environmental services at Tendring District Council in Essex said: “Police together with council officers will be stopping business vehicles and public transport vehicles on the highway.
"We have noticed that people are smoking in commercial vehicles where in fact it's banned and we will be looking for evidence that people have been smoking.
He added: "We will be looking for ashtrays and whether the vehicle smells of smoke."
Ian Wilkins, environmental officer at Tendring District Council, explained that the scheme was intended to raise awareness of the law.
Anyone caught breaking the law faces a £50 fixed penalty fine or a possible court conviction, which carries a £200 fine.
The culprits’ employers will also be informed and also be heavily fined.


Ihre papieren, bitte!

Gosh, the crime rate must be awfully low in Essex if the constabulary is free to waste its time on such trivial nonsense.

The headlines have been dramatic about the council setting up "roadblocks" but usually they just send a representative along to somewhere the police are doing roadside checks for a whole range of things with HMRC, VOSA, DVLC etc.

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