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Anti-Climate Week

Climate Week is trying to galvanise the green movement – but it is splitting it | Bibi van der Zee | Environment | guardian.co.uk

Climate Week is coming. If that means nothing to you, how do you fancy a "supercharged national occasion that offers an annual renewal of our ambition and confidence to combat climate change"?
Over the course of the week (March 21-27), it hopes thousands of events will take place across the country, and that many thousands of individuals will sign up for the currently unspecified Climate Challenge (50,000 have registered already).
The week has already been backed by a dizzying roster of supporters, which includes David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Kofi Annan and Al Gore, as well as hundreds of organisations both national and local, public and private sector.
But a section of the environmental movement that is concerned about the event's sponsors are mounting a counter-campaign which includes spoof entries for the awards and an anti-Climate Week Facebook group.

The Anti's are just bitching because it is a corporate greenwash event, not because it is a a stupid event, so maybe there needs to be an anti-anti-climate week group.
For some reason it reminds me of the way the extreme socialist parties end up in eternal fractioning and mutual hate.


It's the age old dilemma...it really is! I can sympathise with Climate Week as I run the green show, UK AWARE. On one hand sustainable initiatives really need sponsorship, both to fund them and to benefit from the brand association which makes it 'ok' for non-greenies to get involved. On the other, you have to consider the environmental impact of the sponsoring company and the ethics surrounding how they do business.

I have never taken sponsorship for UK AWARE, but if I were ever in the situation where it was offered then I think it would be a tricky call to make - greater good or moral standing?? All I know is that Kevin is trying to do something positive (trust me, I know that feeling) and I am certainly not qualified to be able to comment about what’s right for Climate Week!

I know that some would also argue that it should be considered who sponsorship is accepted from, but the facts are that: 1- there are very few companies which will spend money on sponsorship at the moment and 2- we are in a global situation where something needs to be done NOW. I know that anyone working in the sustainability sector will sympathise with how difficult it is to keep your head above water...especially as it's only going to get deeper! However, as Satish Kumar once said to me, there will be no economy without ecology!

We are partnered with Climate Week for the UK AWARE show this year because I believe that there is a lot of good which can come of scratching backs.

In an unashamed plug for what we are doing, (it is wholesome after all) if you would like to green up your lifestyle during Climate Week then you should definitely come to UK AWARE on 25th or 26th March. More details can be found at www.ukaware.com

Anyone who has taken the time to read this post deserves a FREE ticket (normally £7) – if you use the code 'DannyVIP' you won’t be charged a bean…and do come and say ‘hi’ at the show too! ;-p

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