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May Day Replacement

Plan unveiled to switch May holiday - Scotsman.com News
The May Day bank holiday could be dropped and replaced by either St George's Day in April or Trafalgar Day in October under new tourism plans the Government has announced.
Moving it to St George's Day on April 23 would get the tourist season off to an earlier start, while putting it back to the October half term would elongate the tourist season.

Unless we get some global warming soon plans to extend the season won't work, it is too cold and miserable on those dates unless one is ensconced in a hostelry getting on the outside of a rib of beef and a pint of claret, and we don't need no government edict to do that.
Celebrating the Battle of Culloden would a bit early in the year on 16 April. But celebrating the Death of William Wallace on 23 August would be just right.
I commend it to the house.


St. George's Day is too close to Easter. Trafalgar Day was the last time we defeated the French without outside help so a better holiday.

Trafalgar Day / Half Term sounds ideal. It won't happen, though.

We can't be seen to be offending the French - Not European, donchano.

What kind of tourist goes (or comes) to a country when there's a public holiday on?

Personally I would never go to Italy during Ferragosto, or anywhere near France on Bastille Day: everything is shut, the roads are crowded, and you can't get into the hotels or restaurants.

So let's have Trafalgar Day anyway, just to annoy Mongseer Crapaud, and have a good time to ourselves.

May Boney grow Bonier than ever!!

Battle of Flodden day would appear to be ideal on 9 September, just in time too, 500th anniversary in 2013.

Of course, if we had Trafalgar Day, we could double it up with the following day, which should be a Europe wide holiday known as Freedom Day to commemorate the defeat of the Muslim horde by Charles Martel (PBUH). Had he not prevailed, we'd all be nutting the floor on a Friday and our good ladies (picked for us) would be viewing the world from behind a veil.

Also avoid Brazil during carnival. It's a Brazilian familly party, everyone's at the beach and they all know and sing along to the songs. And they're all drunk and the roads are packed.

Personally while I like the idea of a Trafalgar Day holiday, my real favourite would be Tax Freedom Day.

How better to let us all celebrate the day we cease to be slaves of the state? And nobody would mind if it kept moving back into winter.

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