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Dave Miliband Has Some Good News And Launches Miliband Youth

Why is the European Left Losing Elections? LSE Lecture by David Miliband

We are living through a period of right-of-centre political dominance in Europe not seen in the whole age of democratic suffrage. In Britain, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Italy and Sweden, six countries with good claims to represent the historic heartland of social democracy, there are now centre-right governments. This has not happened since the First World War. When it comes to the interwoven issues of self-interest and identity, wages and immigration, working-class voters see the Centre Left as at best suspect and at worst guilty. Middle-income swing voters, often young parents, are moving to the right. In Sweden only one in five Stockholm residents voted for the social democrats in 2010; and only half of trade unionists. The primary reason is tax and spending. These voters have a good lifestyle and don’t want to trade it for more generous welfare systems....he very success of social democrats in extending the role of government in tackling injustice has become a stick with which it is beaten; it has made the State more vulnerable to the charge that it is a powerful but incompetent ogre. That is why I support the Movement for Change, a new leadership academy for community organisers that aims to rebuild the labour movement. It is starting small, but with a big idea — to give 10, 000 people before the next election the skills to find and use power locally. (More £)

Pictured - Miliband as the Glorious Leader of the Movement for Change rallying his loyal supporters from his moral highground.


I'd like to know by what conceivable stretch of the imagination the Cameron government could be described as "centre-right"?

Because they are, by a margin as thin as the hair on a gnat's cock, less worthy of being immediately boiled in oil* than Miliband and his dreadful crew?

Yep, Brian, you're right. It's a puzzler.

* actually, I think I'd do 'em sous vide. It'd be slower.

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