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Caroline Lucas Tax Muddle

Caroline Lucas | Scrapping the fuel duty rise will hurt Britain economically | Environment | guardian.co.uk

...it would result in a significant drain on public finances. A report commissioned from the Policy Studies Institute for the Green Alliance calculates that using a fuel duty cut to bring pump prices back to December 2009 levels would cost the taxpayer almost £6bn in the first year alone.... the Greens would scrap the recent VAT increase – which is set to cost the British public £12.5bn. The reduction in general tax take from reducing VAT could be met by a combination of a Robin Hood tax, a measure this week endorsed by the European Parliament, and a serious crackdown on tax evasion and avoidance, as well as additional levies on huge bankers' bonuses.

One tax costs the public, a different tax cut would cost the public, or the taxpayer or not - who let this muddleheaded loon out in public without a nurse?



The concept that a cut in taxes costs the taxpayer money beggars belief.

You really have to be thoroughly self-delusional and living deep inside the political bubble to buy that one.

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