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Huhne & Other Idiots Plan To Destroy Prosperity

Chris Huhne gets European support to toughen EU climate targets | Politics | The Guardian

Chris Huhne has won the support of six other European governments to push for a toughening of the EU's climate targets, to be discussed in Brussels on Monday . The energy and climate secretary is spearheading a growing movement in favour of a target of 30% cuts in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, instead of the current 20%.

Letters: Europe, Japan and energy options | From the Guardian | The Guardian

At a time when the price of oil is soaring, putting in place an ambitious plan for Europe's low-carbon future has wider benefits than tackling climate change. It will increase the continent's resilience against oil price spikes and reduce its dependence on imported energy. And it will help Europe compete with emerging economies in the fast-growing markets for green goods and services. We know that some industries are worried about how they will adapt, but solutions are available. In the best traditions of European co-operation, we can work together to overcome these challenges. We call on all member states to enter into this urgent debate on Europe's future and agree how the road map is put into action– ensuring that Europe gets to the front of this low-carbon race, rather than falling behind.

Chris Huhne secretary of state for energy and climate change, UK, Tina Birbili Minister of environment, energy and climate change, Greece, Andreas Carlgren Minister for the environment, Sweden. Lykke Friis Minister of climate and energy, Denmark, Rosa Aguilar Rivero Minister for Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs, Spain, Humberto D Rosa Secretary of state for environment, Portugal, Dr Norbert Röttgen Federal minister for the environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety, Germany

Remember the guilty names.


We can remember them and even write them down on a big list but what's the point in the scheme of things? the lunacy will go on.

And this new demand for 30% is made less than a week after the greens tried to spin Hedegaard's adoption of a 25% cut as a huge victory? http://tinyurl.com/6982ngk

Huhne is possibly the most cretinous and dishonest man in British politics. When the LDs are destroyed at the next election, he will be one of the main reasons.

As for the foreign nonentities supporting him... their names are well doen the list.

There may be some hope there, if only a little. Denmark and Germany are taking another look at nuclear power, may push their representatives.

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