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Olympic Cock

London 2012 Olympics countdown clock stops | UK news | guardian.co.uk

"The launch of the Omega countdown clock is an important milestone for any Olympic Games and is something of a tradition within the Olympic movement," said Locog chairman Lord Coe before the launch. "It will be a daily and hourly reminder to everyone who visits Trafalgar Square that the countdown to the start of London 2012 has well and truly begun and that the most boring, drug addled, narcissist, fascist, taxpayer bleeding waste of money greatest show on earth is soon coming to our country."


Monday evening BBC4 10pm, 2012 was a brilliant spoof on the Olympic delivery committee, including a count down clock. Their's was a massive alarm clock with a big key and was a thousand day count down which went backwards from 2012! Great yesterday morning when I heard the real count down clock, (500 days) had failed.

There was some great stuff about re-phasing the traffic lights which mean't that Boris and Seb couldn't get to the launch of the alarm clock. Equally funny that Seb couldn't get to the Chris Evans show because the real clock packed up!

Second episode Monday 10pm BBC4

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