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Atomkraft? Nein, danke!

EU official: Europe must consider nuclear-free future

I don't know what the outcome of the Japanese reactor problems is going to be, Nor does the MSM and especially nor do the politicians.
Here seems to be the best source of information I can find.

In summary it seems unlikely that the accident will kill as many as erecting a couple of hundred wind turbines or that reactors not built on the seashore in earthquake zones have many lessons to learn from it.

Of course this is a greenie wet dream come true and no chance to beat the one realistic non fossil fuel source of energy about the head will be passed up.

Back to the Stone Age will be the preferred option.


I have dredged up a bit about earthquakes if this is any help. Certainly Angela Merkel's reaction has been a bit knee jerky, not to say politically expedient:

I wonder if the Greenies will reflect on the fact that the explosions that have occurred have been due to hydrogen leaks; you know, the stuff they want us to fill our cars with.

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