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Royal Flush

Helen Mirren joins protest against 'super sewer' - Telegraph

Thames Water plans to build a 24-mile long super sewer at a cost of £3.6 billion has generated anger across the capital.
Needed to carry millions of tons of raw sewage, the scheme will be completed in around 2021. But it is feared anyone living near the project will face noise around the clock.

I suppose she is a star so her shit doesn't smell. Bazalgette did a wonderful job, that is the Bazalgette who piped crap out of people's homes not the Bazalgette who pipes it in, but it needs up dating. And crap comes out of your back yard so Nimbyism is just stupid, so put up with the work because the option of not having a modern sewerage system is a lot worse....


Perhaps she could clear off to her other house in Santa Barbara CA while the work's going on.

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