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Olympic "Fun"

Ban on mobile phones, picnics and music in London's 'fun' Olympics - Telegraph

People booking tickets, which went on sale this week, have to sign a terms and conditions document, which runs to 7,350 words, published by the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (Locog).
This list of rules and regulations makes clear that the following items are banned: "Food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, liquids in containers of greater than 100ml in size, umbrellas, horns, whistles, drums, rattles, musical instruments, or any other devices that in the opinion of Locog may disturb a session (including mobile telephones), flasks, Thermoses and in general any material that Locog may deem dangerous or that may cause damage or disruption to a session."
The conditions suggest that anyone wanting to bring a picnic to a venue – a tradition that many British sports fans indulge in at Lord's Cricket Ground or while watching the tennis at Wimbledon – will find themselves banned from entry. Mobile phones, which most people now find invaluable, are also not allowed.
A spokesman for Locog said the organisers wanted spectators "to have lots of fun".

"Fun", after being queued to be x-rayed, patted down and stripped of your bottle of water, so the corporate sponsors can then resell you one at their price inside the bug infested concrete caverns. But at leat you know Lord Snooty Coe and chums will have fun as they are whisked pass the common people in their special Zil lanes with synchronised traffic lights to their full hospitality suites.
Poking your eyes with knitting needles will be more "fun".


All this and ticket prices that make the Royal Opera look like a cheap night out.

I wonder how many people will bother?

And I wonder whether photos of nearly-empty grandstands will be banned on grounds of national security?

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Still not going! Have not been to London since "The Last Run" in 1999 to watch Devonport run Pompey into the ground (biased? Moi?)and this is just another reason to avoid the place.


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