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Obesity Scare - Expert Admits No Evidence

BBC News - Life expectancy on the rise 'despite obesity epidemic'
Life expectancy in the UK is on the rise, along with the rest of Europe, despite fears over the impact of obesity, a population expert has said.
Despite concern that health problems arising from obesity would affect life expectancy in high-income countries, such as the UK, there is no evidence of this to date.

National Statistics Online - Life expectancy


Life expectancy at birth in the UK has reached its highest level on record for both males and females. A newborn baby boy could expect to live 77.7 years and a newborn baby girl 81.9 years if mortality rates remain the same as they were in 2007–09.


It is called the obesity paradox. Science doesn't know why exactly but slightly overweight people are healthier then slightly underweight people just as very overweight people are healthier then very underweight people. There are some serious diseases that cause obesity and put your health at risk (like diabetes) but in general it is the specific disease that creates the risk not the symptom of obesity. Then too obesity is genetic and more common in some racial and ethenic groups then in others.

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