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The Sovietisation of Britain Continues

First hostile buy-out goes ahead as 'whipping boy' laird forced to sell - Scotsman.com News

THE first hostile buy-out of an estate in Scotland has been given the go-ahead, with the local community granted the right to purchase land the owner does not want to sell.
Environment minister Roseanna Cunningham yesterday paved the way for crofters to acquire the 26,800-acre Pairc Estate in Lewis sing the Land Reform (Scotland) Act 2003, which gives crofting communities the right to buy the land they croft and adjacent land whether or not the owner wishes to sell, if ministers approve.

Confiscation of Land definition from The Great Soviet Encyclopedia (1979)

The confiscation of the large landed estates in the developed capitalist countries is the most important demand made by the Communist and workers’ parties and all progressive democratic forces. Inasmuch as the land and other means of agricultural production fall increasingly into the hands of the monopolies in developed capitalist countries, the demand for the confiscation of land acquires an antimonopolistic character. Experience shows that under certain socioeconomic and historical conditions, the confiscation of land may be implemented under a bourgeois regime.

This is Scotland where a property owner is having his land confiscated because his neighbours fancy farming it themselves.
In England the Conservative government is proposing a Localism bill which gives the right to "communities" to declare private property a "community asset" which the "community" has first dibs on if it changes hands.
So if your old man let the local pigeon club release their birds from the paddock at the end of your garden every week, when he dies, rather than you inherit it, the club has the right to buy it at some apparatchik's valuation.

The whole concept of the rights of private property is under increased attack and no one seems to be shouting from the rooftops that is the basis of all prosperity.

As always the attack on "private property" starts as an attack on land ownership, but once they have come for the fields and you didn't shout out because you aren't a farmer, then they will come for works of art, but you aren't a collector, who will cry out for you when your car is "shared", or your "excess" savings are "invested" for you?

Fiddle with the tax system, tweak the regulations, impose greenery as you will. Call your system "free market", "third way" "compassionate conservatism"; it doesn't really matter if the fundamental right to own, which includes the right to dispose of at will, property no longer exists.
There can be no peace and prosperity without private property.


Blair turned the last screws to turn the nation into a 'soviet' with his seizure of the assets of the shareholders in RailTrack. You have an entrenched Civil Service who have been steadily sovietising the UK for years, why are we so surprised that the Fabian Society's ambitions are now bearing fruit? They have had control of education since the 1960s and the brainwashing of our children is appalling.

Labour always has been the Communist Party in disguise and the treason it committed 1939 - 45 was never brought to light or punished. They gave the Soviets and Stalin the A Bomb, they gave him our jet engines and they have given them every secret from missile technology to defence screens and shields ever since. Blair parceled up and handed over to Putin and his merry men virtually every asset we own for defence, so why are we surprised this shower of traitors, thieves and anarchists are stealing the property right out of your hands?

Public execution is not sufficient for these people. Hanging, drawing and quartering might just send the message, but you'd have to start by emptying Whitehall of Civil Servants, the real power behind all this...

Not wishing to reign on your parade but...

"What became known as the Clearances were considered by the landlords as necessary "improvements". They are thought to have been begun by Admiral John Ross of Balnagowan Castle in Scotland in 1762. MacLeod of MacLeod (i.e. the chief of MacLeod) began experimental work on Skye in 1732. Chiefs engaged Lowland, or sometimes English, factors with expertise in more profitable sheep farming, and they "encouraged", sometimes forcibly, the population to move off suitable land."

I just love that bit experimental and encouraged.

I suppose we could revert to P.J. Proudhon

As far as I can make out from the press reports this has got little to do with anybody wanting to farm the land in the traditional meaning of the word. It's all about who gets to feed from the renewable energy trough, specifically a huge wind farm.

We now have a Conservative government attacking both freedom of speech and property rights. (For one example of an attack on freedom of speech see the Criminal Anti-Social Behaviour Order described here: http://www.spiked-online.com/index.php/site/article/10290/.) What can we do? I can't think of anything except emigration, and they'll no doubt ban that soon, or at least make sure you get out with nothing but the shirt on your back.

I am a peaceful person and I hope to never have to harm anyone while in this life. If the state allowed people to take my land (or almost anything I own) then I probably would be tempted to cause some serious harm. I suspect that rather then blowing up and acting crazy I would become devious and pick my time and opportunity. I would have to. If multiple persons stole from me I would have to be careful so I could commit multiple acts of "justice". I think most people have become to civilized. Maybe you need to relearn and re-embrace your Celtic heritage.

@Brian Baker: I think you mean "rain" on your parade but whatever... In any case, I really don't see any connection: some people behaved very badly a couple of centuries ago, in respect of maltreating their tenants, and that gives some other - totally unrelated - people the right to confiscate the private property of some other - again totally unrelated - people today?

Pray to explain the justification you seem to be advancing?

it's childish and petty of course, but I am tempted to write something very rude on my census form, when I get round to filling it in (I succesfully evaded the last one). Perhaps an obscene acrostic using the first letters of my 'estimated' answers to the more intrusive questions?

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