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Eco Warriors At Work

'We smashed up £100k pit gear' say eco-warriors - Scotsman.com News
On Monday, an online activist claimed responsibility for the action. Using the pseudonym Love, Rage and Bolt Croppers, he wrote: "On Equinox night we entered the gravel and coal opencast extraction site at Castlebridge near Rosewell The absence of security and unlocked cabs made our night very productive.
"Inside the cabs we found all sorts of expensive goodies like GPS, radios and various dials and screens to rip out and smash. The excavators had a bewildering array of electronic panels and engines the size of cars, we did what we could to immobilise these machines that destroy our health and that of the earth. "
The raid on a pit in Rosewell, Midlothian, has been labelled "bizarre" by local politicians baffled as to why a surface mine currently being restored for agricultural use has been targeted.

You expect logic from them? Still it isn't all bad news from when the workers organise themselves...


Genuine Luddites

These scumbags are truly pathetic. They bleat on about elf & safety yet they go onto a site for which they have undergone the basic site induction (i presume it is a requirement at industrial sites in the UK). They claim to be involved in non-violent action but I reckon being determined to take people's living away from them is definitely a violation of said people's right to go about their lawful business unimpeded.

I don't think we can trust their version of events, after all, they live in a fantasy world in which they arrogantly presume that, despite living in a democracy, they know what is best for everyone and that their views should trump all others. I'm pretty sure that were coal miners, even of the gravel scratching, blue sky variety, to really brutally attack these worthless scum, a few of them would be eating their meals threw a straw.

Let's hope some of them end up breaking rocks as guests of Her Majesty.

Docbud said: "Let's hope some of them end up breaking rocks as guests of Her Majesty."

Highly unlikely. They will probably claim that their defense of planet Earth is religious and their "'uman rites" were being abused and THEY should be compensated.

As John Brignell of Number Watch says, "It's a mad world, my masters".

I live in my own little fantasy world, Alan, where law breakers break rocks and cannot use such patently absurd defenses. When I receive a nasty dose of reality, there is always a bacon butty to calm me down.

By the way, that should obviously have been "have not undergone the basic induction".

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