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Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony Video

'I'm ashamed to call myself a Glaswegian after that show' - Scotsman.com News
SHE had defied attempts to force her from her home for six days. But as dawn broke over Glasgow yesterday, the stand-off between Margaret Jaconelli and Glasgow City Council finally came to an end.
Sheriff officers and masked council workers accompanied by dozens of police officers descended on Ardenlea Street in Dalmarnock just after 5am to evict the Jaconellis from their home to make way for the Commonwealth Games development.


Makes all that prancing around high on steroids worthwhile, doesn't it?


Despicable. There is no other word for it.

My ancestors got the heave-ho from the Highlands for being Papists and to make way for sheep. We ended up in the Canadas; it was the best thing that ever happened to the family.

They couldn't know it at the time, but they were escaping a dingy old loser of a country: Scotland.

What a proud spectacle indeed.

Well if some Laird can't hold onto his property what makes you think some others should too?

And just compensation for property taken in the "public good" ? You will get just what WE think you should get, which isn't much because it's condemned property. (I know WE condemned it, but hey, them's the breaks, sunshine.) Nay, you should be be grateful you are furthering the public good and be happy we just didn't bulldoze it outright with you inside. Ungrateful wretches.

And JJM, be not too proud. One word for you: Caledonia Where the rule of law does not run in Ontario. Canada has the same disease.

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