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Monbiot's Gardening Tips

After Japan, this green guru’s gone pro-nuclear | The Sunday Times (£)

“I’m lucky enough to have half an acre of land. In normal circumstances that’s more than enough to provide all the food we need. But unfortunately it was a devastating winter and wiped out all my kale, broccoli, winter salads and slightly optimistic fruit like kiwi and figs and Chilean guavas and frost-tolerant oranges and lemons. So things aren’t looking too good.”

That's the problem in believing in Global Warming, or are things not looking good because it was colder than expected. I'm confused.


It also kind of puts the tin lid on only eating locally produced food as well! George is going a bit hungry this year if he can only buy food produced in his locale.

ALL the food WE need in half an acre? Rilly?

@ VFTS, yes you can apparently.

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