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Vince Cable Proposes A Window Tax

Cable confirms ending of 50p tax rate, and reveals 'mansion tax' plans | Politics | The Guardian
"Well, there is a very strong argument ... that you need to have a proper base for taxing property and I'm sure that's one of the things we're going to have to look at as we change away from these very high marginal rates."

"Windows, damn it man, chaps with too many windows ought to pay more tax like they did when I was a lad. I think I have a winner of an idea here, a window tax".


Don't be silly, you know perfectly well that Land Value Tax has nothing to do with Window Tax.

In any event, LVT is surely infinitely preferably to the 50p income tax rate, or indeed any income tax rate.

When will the UK learn? Taxing the "Rich" always results in less tax being collected from the wealthy as they move it out of reach.

Switzerland has a 15% universal income tax, no allowances, no loopholes and collects 100% of the taxes due. Hong Kong has a similar system, but with a twist, the super rich are "encouraged" to set up "Trust Foundations" that fund hospitals, age care and education - and again don't have tax avoidance problems.

We have to get rid of the idea that it is "fair" to make the wealthy pay more tax than the social security dependent tribe we insist have to live next door. It is not - and the Land Value Tax, coupled with the proposed right to demand the enforced sale of land and property by the land owner simply because some little oik demands it is simply another part of the creep toward a Soviet State of Britain.

I wouldn't have bothered to read the article at all but I misread the headline as 'Widow tax'.

Please God can the coalition collapse soon and a Tory majority government be returned at the subsequent GE. Every bad thing I have ever thought about the Liberals is making an appearance while they interfere with government and pose as politicians. Huhne, as we all know, is the worst but the vain and incompetent Cable is not far behind.

And Mark, I can't see anywhere that Dr Vince's 'mansion tax' is anything to do with LVT, which is anyway an astonishingly stupid idea which has never garnered enough support to get anywhere in the 200+ years since it was first mooted.

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