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Kate Humble's Bum Idea

Kate Humble: 'countryside walks should be mandatory' - Telegraph

Kate Humble, the BBC wildlife presenter, wants visits to the countryside to be mandatory for schoolchildren and is to take the matter up with the Education Secretary.
Speaking to Radio Times, Humble said that the countryside is “great for your brain and great for your soul and great for your bum”.

I'm still looking for a photograph to illustrate her proposition that the countryside is good for her bum.

But just because you enjoy something doesn't mean it should be made compulsory, please.

And now back to the picture search....


I'm guessing it's very nice-a (to quote Monty Python) if the chestal region is anything to go by:


Here she is with one of her team of country walk enforcers:


DocBud - not so sure myself. She looks a bit lopsided in that photo, and not particularly curvy. Or is that an ungallant thing to say?

I do envy her Led Zeppelin-era Robert Plant hairdo, though,

As I wrote upon my own small site, the given 'truth' about celebrities is that once they are 'known'they are instant experts on just about everything in this universe!


Perhaps the good Miss Humble should stick to bats or lambs!

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