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Smart Meters Put Chris Huhne's Hand On Your Thermostat

Smart meters predicted to save UK households £23 a year by 2020 | Environment | guardian.co.uk

The government set out its strategy for the roll-out of the energy-saving technology.
The roll-out – the most comprehensive yet planned in any country – will require 53m smart meters to be installed in 30m homes and businesses, starting in 2014 and finishing in 2019. Households are likely to save £23 on their annual energy bills by 2020, the government has estimated, up from its previous estimate of £14 in savings.
Smart meters benefit consumers by showing their energy use in real-time. This means people can respond quickly, for instance by turning off unnecessary lights or appliances, to save money.
The technology also benefits energy suppliers, as it eliminates the need for meter readers to visit properties and allow for more accurate billing, and better data on energy demand patterns.
Future generations of smart meters are likely to offer even greater advantages, for instance by allowing utilities better to manage demand within consumers' homes, by switching appliances such as washing machines on when demand is lower, or turning down fridges when demand peaks. This could save billions through more efficient management of the electricity grid, but these capabilities are unlikely to be introduced for several years at the earliest.
Chris Huhne, the secretary of state for energy and climate change, said: "Smart meters are a key part of giving us all more control .....

Tell us it will save us £20 a year in exchange for giving the man in Whitehall control of your appliances. Another good reason to go off grid.


Quoth Chris Luhne: "Smart meters are a key part of giving us all more control ....."

So, who's this "us", white man?

I think we know, and it's not us, is it?

It's a greenfascist's wet dream, but how are they planning to control individual appliances? Will they mandate that each machine sends a signature back to the smart meter, along the lines of "I'm only an old lady's electric fire, you can turn me off whenever a public sector worker needs the power to run their PS3"?

I remember reading how many squillion addresses IPv6 will give us, but of course I never reflected that this, like everything else, would immediately be put to evil uses by the State. I was naive.

Didn't someone in the House of Lords get paid by the manufacturer to lobby to impose these things on us?

And of course this won't be used to turn off computers and routers of those not touting the Green Party Line...

>> It's a greenfascist's wet dream, but how are they planning to control individual appliances?
Simple. The Greenies (i.e. the government) mandate a set of standards that can only be met by installing controllable appliances. Appliance manufacturers help write the standards so they can sell millions of new appliances to replace the old, perfectly serviceable ones. (That's corporatism.) To buy support from a large part of the populace, the government subsidizes appliance purchases by "the poor". (That's socialism.) The rest of us pick up the cost. (That's 'the shaft'.)
Governments already made trial runs of this process when they banned CFC refrigerants and then tungsten bulbs. Now for the big time - control of everything in your house.
We let the Greenies get away with the new refrigerant scam ("ozone hole" hoax) and the CFL scam ("global warming" hoax). Now they are back for the main course.

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